Autumn at home: trends in flooring and decoration

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Autumn at home: trends in flooring and decoration

When we decide to decorate our home, one of the most important selections, in addition to furniture, is the choice of flooring. That is why knowing the trends in flooring are a very important factor in the decoration of the home that, well combined with the furniture and the color of the walls, will create a unique space. 

In September you still have some of that summer warm and nobody seems to remember the cold, however, it is a good time to think about it, especially if we want to make changes in the interior space that may take some time.

One of the most efficient ways to keep a space warm is by choosing the right type of flooring for fall season.

Home decor ideas for this autumn season

Not all floors regulate the temperature equally, so your choice can directly affect the comfort of the family and the heating bills. But not everything is about floors, also decoration in general is important, because the main idea is to have a nice and warm place for autumn at home. So let’s check the best home decor ideas for autumn:

  • Scandinavian minimalism:

Taking into account that in the fall the days get shorter due to the fewer hours of sun and, in turn, colder, so this style will be the ideal to make the spaces more luminous. This you can accomplish with flooring materials such as hardwood, to make your spaces look bigger and connected to the Scandinavian forest.

The Scandinavian decoration offers light colors such as beige, white or gray, which fits in with the tones of the season and also uses a simple composition, with soft shapes and contours, and elements related to nature, so that as a whole it can transmit peace and tranquility on warm autumn days.

  • Velvet is back:

If we have to choose a fabric to combine and furnish our homes, velvet is undoubtedly chosen.

Those materials that feel so good in your clothing when it starts to get cold, will become fabulous on the sofas, armchairs, cushions or rugs in your home.

Of course, choose the correct combination well and do not rush to change or saturate the entire house.

  • Decorative details with touches of gold and copper:

When talking about decorating a home, many times people decide to go for the basics and make a few smaller changes.

The ornaments in gold, reddish and copper are ideal to give a tone to your home and bring it closer to the Christmas season… from cushions, candles, lamps to picture frames and other details.

  • Halloween is also included in your decoration:

Each season of the year has a main party and in autumn it is the turn for Halloween. Apart from focusing on the scariest day of the year, you can take advantage of the pumpkins and other ornaments used in that holiday to decorate the home during the autumn months.

  • The colors of the season:

In each season, the colors are renewed and, there are some that will always last over time, because they are perfect for each season of the year, but there are others that become a trend depending on the season, or the year.

Colors have a great influence on the environment of your spaces, to create an autumn atmosphere at home it is important to take into account the colors and where they will make their greatest impact.

When it comes to floors for fall, the color of your floors can make a difference.

In the summer we bet on brighter colors, this time, we have to bet on those colors with natural tones:

  • Earthly colors thanks to their composition transmit warmth and natural and relaxing sensations, as well as being combinable. You can install floors in these types of tones to give a much more natural atmosphere.


  • Color of the leaves that fall in autumn, that color between orange and brown that will merge with the color palette of this season. We can also find the mixture of brown with yellow, to create a perfect caramel color, ideal to combine with other more neutral tones


  • Other colors such as orange or pink are also within the tones of the season. However, the orange that we will see is the one powerful and full of energy.


  • Finally, greens in dark tones or olive and beiges are reliable tones that represent a beautiful and balanced combination for this season.


Remember that all these colors can be combined with your floors or even be part of them. You can come directly to our showroom and choose from our wide variety of flooring materials.


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