70’s and 80’s style for your living room with Carpet Tile Flooring.

Carpet Tile Flooring Installation

70’s and 80’s style for your living room with Carpet Tile Flooring.

It is 2021, but styles and fashions are always cyclical and due to the latest trends, the 70s and 80s will join a new style… we already know that the vintage age of the 90s is in vogue, but with many touches of those years, not so much at the level of color (yet) but, yes at the level of textures, decoration and atmosphere.

Carpet Tile Flooring will be an excellent option if you want to give your home a different atmosphere; No, it is not necessary that you have a lot of money or that you do a complete remodel of your space, the great advantage of this type of flooring is that when you change them, they do a great job of improving the environment where you are.

Let’s take a look at the 70s and their trend for Carpet Floors

The 70s had a lot of that hippie trend of the 60s, incorporating geometric figures into their decoration. The combination of fabrics and textures is another of the decorative characteristics of the bohemian look of that decade and was used not only on carpets and floors, but on furniture, cushions and even walls.

The colors came from a natural tendency towards pinks, oranges, browns and combinations with that psychedelic touch from previous years.

Let’s go to the 80s and the style for carpet floors

In the 80s the change was a bit more drastic but the bright colors and patterns were still integrated, but the color scheme was certainly much more electric.

Something very characteristic of that decade were the stripes in white and blue, pink or fuchsia to decorate bathrooms and intimate spaces, dark colors for furniture and dining rooms, in combination of carpets floors in a single color.

Some decorating ideas Philadelphia commercial flooring can provide for carpet flooring

Since we are talking about Carpet Tile Flooring decoration with a 70s and 80s style, let’s see some ideas to make your environments look truly renewed with that bohemian style of the 70s or electric of the 80s.

  • Tile Style Carpets:

They are a good solution for the quick and practical renovation of floors. They are recyclable, ecological, quite not very expensive and easy to install.

Tile-type carpets are used in hospitals, airports, and other high-traffic spaces so that floors are not damaged.

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  • Interlocking tiles:

If you’re looking for a soft, cushioned surface, interlocking foam tiles are a good option for your living room. This solution is no longer just for children’s play areas, since there are variants that are elegant enough to decorate your living room, a place where surely you hang a lot with your family.

The interlocking tiles are lightweight and provide some soundproofing to the space, plus they come in the design you want.

  • Custom Vinyl Carpet Flooring:

A quick and easy way to give your floors a new touch is to opt for a custom vinyl rug. It is an option resistant to traffic, waterproof, easy to clean and also antiallergic, so it is also ideal for covering the floor of the children’s room, the bathroom or the kitchen. Vinyl custom rugs have a wide variety of patterns that you can choose yourself, in vibrant colors or any reason, so adding that bohemian atmosphere of the 70s is not a problem.

Without a doubt there are many options for your living room and that just by changing your floors, it can look elegant and renewed. If you want to consult our installation process and what we have to offer you regarding Carpet Tile Flooring Installation, please do not hesitate to call us to give you the proper attention and help you decorate your home with the best floors in Philadelphia.


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